Saturday, April 25, 2009



Well it has been a while and I have been super busy! I have so much to write and so many pictures to upload so you know its going to be a long post!!
So to start out let me just say life has been great and I am really improving my well roundedness! My determination here as a whole has been growing and being independent as well, I mean over here I have to kinda take care of myself so you know self control is a big issue and I think I am handling it well. Its been kinda hard but i have been trying to cut down on the candy even though its soo much better over here. Also I have made a couple more friends and I am feeling a little less lonely, I mean its hard because people see me and they automatically think I dont speak any japanese so they dont make an effort to talk to me...However now I can fully understand what people say in a conversation, I just have trouble replying! Its nice though the feeling you get when you can understand what people say to you and you can reply somewhat! Also my hiragana is doing great and my katakanna as well ,I mean Im not so good at reading fast but I can read. Oh yeah and apparently my area rep thinks my GPA is a 2.8 because yet again another miscommunication! wow I mean howmany times can you twist a pice of information but seriously main clue something wrong is that the minimum gpa you can have for the program is a 3.0 soo yeah I have a 3.5 what ever so annoying! Also Tea ceremony is the hardest thing ever! not because of the actually ceremony(even though I dont understand what we are doing) but because you have to sit in this position on top of your legs and it hurts sooo bad! but the bad part is you have to do it for like an hour and your legs fall asleep and when you stand up you fall!lol but yeah enough of the bad lets move to the good
So as I have said I Have been having a super packed week and to start with a lot of karaoke! It has been so much fun I mean they have a lot of english songs so I get to sing along and then also yesterday when we went there was this creepy dude that just kept staring at us and omg! I couldnt stop laughing because yuki was like just ignore him and he was like with his full body turned to us and staring!
Yeah so I never talked about the dinner part so I will! Basically all nobuto's work partners and our family had a little get together with lots of food and reminescing and it was so much fun because the people were so nice! and it was nice ebcause all of them were couples and had slide shows of their lives and marriges and they all had nice ones and were so happy together and had kids! They al had traveld to so it was really cool! The food here is sooo good ! and its healthy! And the thing is though that even though there is no sugar in a lot of things like tea and coffee I still like it better that way because you actually taste the drink! Anyways the house we were in was so nice I mean besides he prices of houses over here being ridiculous it was super efficient! Like the was a tea ceremony traditional room but then he rest of the house was super modern and wood every where it was good!
yeah so moving on , so Nina and I went to a culture fair during school at the university part of sanyo. It was basically a flower viewing ceremony thing and they had people and food from around the world... but yeah on to the food! It was sooo nice and I will post pictures but yeah it was basically a whole buffett thing for me and nina and man we ate a lot of it!! It was soo delicious! Its kinda creepy here though because since japan doesnt have a lot of room the cremate their dead and put little shrines on the mountain side for them, and here in okayama there are a lot of them and they are ever where! but yeah theres a pic.
So continuing another fun thing is that we wnet to Kourakuren gardens... I dont know how to spell right in english.... but yeah and it was so nice, I mean we had a tour guide but she was super boring so I had to stare at each little thing for 50 mins!lol jk but yeah it was abeautiful day and so
we got to have apicnic and eat out there and take pics but my camera went dead so I will go another time because I get in free! I do have somepics though of like the castle, but the garden is nicer ! so I will update with that!
So just some little snippets!
well since my uncle is like the ceo of nissan they own a huge soccer stadium in yokohama! and so when I want to see a game I can ask for ticketts and we can go ! yay!!! Cristiano ronaldo here I come!!! Omg I mean I am so happy right now!! woohoo! but yeah so I hope they hav a game in japan!
Oh yeah just something I wanted to say like here in japan I find it really bothering that during a class the people can talk as much as they want while the teacher is talking but yet the teacher doesnt care! oh god man it pretty annoying! oh and waiting for a train during rush hour...not nice!lol I will hav to putr a picture but there should be a guiness world record for the amount of people shoved into a train! yeah umm let me think oh yeah dont do your mom jokes in japan because they dont get them and willl take it seriously, very seriously! Oh and dont talk to drunk guys on the street because they will try to take you home!lol it legal to have beer in your hand and walk wih it but you cant have a pocket knife!? Its cool though they have ciggarett vending machines and beer vending machines with like 40 ounces in it ... wow imagine if that was inn america!
Also thats about it but I just want to say sorry if it took a while to write yall back Iam doing that now and updating stuff and I am about to write teachers and upload pics. but yeah if you have any questions just write at
well ttyl! ask questions leave comments!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Well so now I have figured out how to get comments on my blog so comment away and if you left questions on the topic I have answered them!
Okay but so update as well!
Today I recieved another money order so I have taken care of a lot of things! and still I need somebodys address though so I can finish stuff. But then I sent out the insurance claim info to my mom and I have put money in the bank and I bought my train passes yesterday and so with that everything is taken care of! So today thought we went to this cutest farm in the mountain, because okayama is surrounded by mountains the farmers ,which are everywhere , have to make due, but yeah so we bought ice cream and sat under the cherry blossoms and then we went to visit the cows which were huge!! I mean I live in Texas and I had never got that close to a cow, but I go to Japan and I am petting and getting my clothes eaten by one!lol and then afterwards we went to this giant recreation center in soja (my city) and we played soccer! It seems your old girl still has it! oh yeah!
Anyways even thought I have tried some pretty interesting food, cowtoungue, liver, oyster sauce, and tiny dead fish that taste like chemicals!lol christina it all has been really delicious especially the cow tounge, but onyl with lemon!
Anyways I am about to go eat dinner so have fun everybody peace out and I am going to post pictures
PS: If yall have any questions just comment
PS#2: if you dont want to ask publicy like if you want the real scoop but know that some people like to tell or your emabarrased...then just write to my email!

LOve yall ,,,well not all but most
peace out

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


and yes I have permission!

OKay so pictures and a update!

Alright so the other day I went to a cherry blosom viewing ceremony, they are really popular here. I would have to say it was one of the prettiest things I ever saw in my life! There were soo many people there and little children running everywhere! But yeah my favorite part, the candy apples ahhhh heaven I mean in america they taste like chemicals but here apples are like 3 times as big and they dont polish them so they are like sooo delicious! I am really enjoying life here especially yuki! Shes soo nice and like the other day she was telling me that she would always be on my side and that when ever life gets hard just tell her and if I need to cry do it and if I want to laugh fine she wants me to live the life of a normal teenager here! Yep the good life!lol

On another note I had my first day of school today! I was sooo scared because I had to give two speeches in japanese, one for my teachers all 500 lol jk! and then one for the students! Well the teacher one went really well I memorized it and I suprised a lot of people but the student one I blanked out and had to read my paper either way it went okay. Oh and they have starbucks in the train station! but yeah so another thing is my school has no soccer team! boooooo! what ever I will just play at the neighborhood park. As expected everyone stared at me and yes a couple of pictures and somecreepy guy staring at me the whole ride home!lol I was so tired by then I was about to chew him out but then I remebered I am in japan. The thing is that in japan when a person stares at you even if you look at then they will most likely keep staring or exactly the opposite they do this secret spy stuuf where you know they are staring and you turn to look and bam! no ones there!lol but yeah the sadest part is when kids run away from your screaming Kowaii! (scary)!
The food is soo good here I dont think I have eaten the same dish twice!everyday my host parents cook something new its soo delicious! and healthily balanced!
I cant wait to get to the beach in warmer weather because its only 30 mins away! but I mean its already getting pretty hot out here!
Oh yeah and some updates on coool things in japan!

Well so last night I was getting my stuff ready for school when a loud alarm button thing went off on my phone, and its like 1 am and I stareted freaking out. so I ran down stairs and mimed to nobuto what is this , so apparently its for little kids when they get kidnaped they push the button and you can find them.

another update on toilets! welol in my families house the toilet the have when you flush it you know how the tank in the back of the toilet refills with water so the next time you flush the water comes out? well so at the top of toilets there is this sink thing and before it starts refilling the tank you wash your hands in the water and it goes into the water conservative!

but yeah thats about it for now ttyl!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

~~~Life as I know it!~~~(edited)

Well so as most of the people who read this are close compadres or people who are super awsome! I just want to start out by saying thanks to all who read and send me emails it makes me feel loved.... but if you dont recieve a reply fast dont feel bad or unloved because its super hard to keep up with mail and everything so I try hard to write back fast.... OKAY so on away from the ordinary to the extreme! japan!

Okay just playing but yeah so updates!
ummmmm so something that made me really mad... a lady stoped us in the grocery store to talk to yuki very rudely about why she shouldnt bring kids to supermarkets and she did his for 30 minuets!!!! ahh if she was in texas she would have got cussed out! I mean seriously nobuto .. yukis husband was at work saving lives and she had to buy dinner so this stupid old lady talked really bad to yuki for something that stupid and yuki just stood there and took it because its diff. in japan.... well lets just say I glared at that lady until she was done! goddd. !

umm I went to school and got fitted for my uniform!! ahh its a new uniform not the ugly one I though but I look so cute in it and will post pictures when I wear it this thursday for the first day of school! and i Have to give a speech in front of like 800 girls!!! but yeah so when I was getting fitted they were like omg! shes soo tall and...(cough) big! :*( why! oh why are girls soo tiny here!lol what ever I am going to teach everyone the word volumptiuous!

Also sakura is super smart and I am teaching her english while they help me with japanese! and I am getting sooo good with it I mean I have been here 2 weeks and I am making sentances and talking with my host sisters!

and omg! houses and cars and big things are expensive over here i mean a house the size of mine is like 520,000 USD! I mean seriously talk about rip off!

The food here is absolutely delicious I feel like I am always full because I love eating it and we eat healthy balanced meals! things like these have me thinking man I dont want to go back to america I dont have enough time but then I stop my self and use time wisely!... like by getting yuki addicted to skip beat!lol but yeah I may be going to kourakuen garden tomorrow to see the castle and cherry blosoms and see what clubs my school has.. oh and also no age limit for clubs over here because theres no alcohol in clubs! so I found out that theers a techno club in okayma! ha! you know what Iam going to be doing after school!"yeah!lol but yeah I will write again and yall write me
stay beautiful!